Most people are moulded by their youth. By trends or their idols they strived to be like. The guidelines that come with puberty and belonging. Within this frame you find your identity. However for me it didn’t happen this way. Mainly due to lack of attention from my part and a huge imagination. I didn’t stick to these trends and rules. Why? Because I could. I was to stubborn to do what was expected of me. I saw the benefit of being my own. Not having to be nice to the “popular” people or dress in plain normal clothing for instance. This resulted in a stubborn and unusual individual. Someone how identifies themselves as the creative and out of the box exception.

The people that I look up to and that moulded me to what I am today is my family. My parents are very creative people. With roots all over the world. They have a million and one projects running at the same time. Social, innovative, creative and international projects. This however doesn’t always pay well, unless if you catch that once in a lifetime chance. They are currently busy with multiple projects in Rwanda. One of which is my fault, I mean idea. A business through development. To start a ice-cream parlor with local ingredients and local people that need the work and experience.

Contradicting our families tradition of lack of finances is my oldest brother, Justin. Growing up his teachers told him that he wouldn’t get a job and should start practicing emptying garbage bins, to put it mildly. Being stubborn and smart enough to know better, he decided to prove them wrong. Now he is a very successful Ruby programmer. He not only enjoys his work and makes a very good living out of it, but he is one of the best programmers.

My slightly younger older brother however proved that you can do what you love, but have to work for it. He also wanted to prove his past wrong but does so with little money and amazing work in the film industry. His story is still being told and hopefully will be of a very successful movie director and writer.

They moulded me into someone who can accomplish her dreams. Who will have to work hard and maybe struggle, but will prove that I can and I will do what I love. To solve problems. To become a designer. I am proud to be part of my family and share my talents and passions with all of them.  Currently I’m a graduate Product Design Engineer looking for an oppertunity.